Theo Walcott – Is Arsene Wenger The Only Man To Not See His True Value?

Theo Walcott has been much maligned for performances over previous seasons. He has reached levels of inconsistency that only Dimitar Berbatov can top at times, however recently the tide has turned.

The England winger has been in goalscoring form, despite not even starting a few games. Even his crossing looks to be getting better, alongside his improved consistency, which leads us to the question: why won’t Wenger give in to his demands for a better contract?

With just 7 months remaining on his current deal, Arsenal need to act fast. The money is available, unless Ivan Gazidis (known as Ivan the Terrible, to anyone who follows Piers Morgan on Twitter) has managed to convince Wenger to lie about the funds he has, so there can’t be any excuses.

Walcott also wants to be starting more games for the Gunners, which is a reasonable expectation, given his form at the moment. Wenger still appears to not have realised that his attack seriously lacks in games that the exciting forward is not included in.

Furthermore, a player with the ability and confidence to run at defenders is something Arsenal have seemed to miss in their strikers in recent years and, with Walcott’s improved finishing and composure, why can’t he get his desired spot as the striker in this team?

Walcott has insisted he doesn’t mind fitting in where the team needs him, however he is clearly best utilised as a striker. This has been noted by many, including his former coach at Southampton.

The real issue with this all is the contract ‘dispute’. There is no point in Wenger not giving the team’s most improved player (alongside Per Mertesacker) a new contract and allowing him to leave for free this summer.

That would clearly be counter-productive to the team and it would do nothing to halt the accusations that Arsenal are starting to accept their place as a selling club, with little aspirations to win trophies.

Add to this that Walcott would most likely join a club in England if he were to leave, an it is a bigger setback than Arsene may think.

Walcott has also become a fan favourite, despite his previous inconsistencies, because of his honesty and hard working ethic. The club would be losing an asset to the team, not just on the pitch, if they were to lose the forward.

The manager can’t keep his pursestrings tight when spending, yet allow a £9m (plus add-ons) investment, who has been nurtured into the ‘Arsenal way’, just leave on a free because he couldn’t justify a perfectly justifiable salary increase.

Yes, Wenger, you must be the only man not to see Walcott’s true value to Arsenal football club.

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